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Ocean Dispatches

Allen Exploration’s maritime investigations in the northern Bahamas since 2018 are focused on re-assessing the Spanish wreck of the Maravillas (1656) and conducting underwater reconnaissance to search for additional sections of wreckage. The holistic project includes a variety of investigative and supportive branches, including maritime historical research, archaeological and scientific fieldwork, and philanthropic and educational endeavors. Where former expeditions were motivated exclusively by the hunt for treasure, AllenX is science led, with the aim of contributing to an enhanced understanding of and respect for the maritime legacy of The Bahamas and training a new generation of Bahamian divers. The discoveries are conserved, studied and displayed in The Bahamas Maritime Museum, founded by Carl and Gigi Allen on Grand Bahama Island.

Allen Exploration Ocean Dispatches 1

Allen Exploration Ocean Dispatches 2

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